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Collect Visitor Demographics

Utilize the Guest Wi-Fi Login Page to collect visitor demographics. Prompt users to provide basic information during the login process, such as name, email, or age. Analyze this data to gain insights into visitor demographics, preferences, and behavior. Tailor marketing strategies and offerings accordingly to enhance engagement and satisfaction.

Visitor Demographics

Explore Wi-Fi Analytics

Leverage Guest Wi-Fi to collect valuable analytics on user behavior and learn more about their visits. Use our Wi-Fi Analytics Dashboard to analyze data on foot traffic, dwell times, and even popular areas within your premises. Identify peak hours, and crowd density trends to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Deploy Targeted Content

With all of the collected Visitor Demographics at your disposal, you can show your visitors personally “targeted content”. Segment users based on their demographics, preferences, and past behavior to deliver personalized messages and promotions. Tailor the login experience with relevant offers, announcements, or event notifications, increasing user engagement.

Targeted Offers

About Engage Campaigns

Setup automated E-mail Campaign, triggered at critical moments during a visitor’s stay or when they get home. Personalize E-mails with the user data you collected by your Guest Wi-Fi Service. This data can also be integrated in existing marketing platforms you already use, allowing you to have a centralized platform to manage your marketing.

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