Know who visits your stores

Knowing and understanding customers’ needs and behavior is of vital importance for retailers. The digitization of society offers new opportunities to better understand your customers and not only online in your webshop. Picopoint’s wireless solutions make it possible to better understand in-store behavior than ever before. You can track who visits your store, even when they don’t buy anything. You can learn how often they visit, how long they stay and what their in-store movements are. And by using tools such as heat mapping you gain insights in dwell times, hot spots and much more.

Integrate on- and offline marketing

This solution isn’t just a new touch point. It allows you to further integrate on- and offline marketing. It closes the marketing loop because it enables you to execute profile based in-store location based marketing and allows you to measure campaign effectiveness which can be utilized to improve the on- and offline marketing campaigns. This is your new touch point in your omni-channel marketing strategy.

Enrich customer profiles

Because of our ability to recognize your customers, we can link the collected information with your CRM data. This allows you to enrich customer profiles with in-store behavioral information.

Relevant and well-timed marketing

Picopoint’s wireless solutions allow for two-way marketing and communication. You can reach customers with relevant and well-timed marketing, based on proximity and their profiles, while in the store. You have a brand new, easy to use touch point, a digital channel for your in-store point of sales campaigns.

And much more…

Branded guest access, Marketing dashboard, Heat mapping, Proximity analysis and marketing...

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