Guest Wi-Fi designed to elevate connectivity and enhance user experiences

Customizable Wi-Fi page
Collect visitor contact details
Many authentication methods
Flexible bandwidth and data usage
Content filtering
Multi-language support
GDPR compliant
Scalable solution for any network size
Multi-tenant support
Multi-venue support

Create a better Visitor Experience using Wi-Fi

Use our branded login page to deliver a personalized experience. Offer exclusive content or promotions, engaging visitors further. Utilize Wi-Fi analytics to understand visitor behavior, enabling improved marketing strategies. Seamless CRM integration ensures tailored interactions that boost visitor satisfaction and encourage loyalty.

Better Visitor Experience

Authentication and Login Methods

Picopoint provides various authentication methods for user convenience and flexibility. Options include logging in via email address, social media accounts, SMS, paid access, voucher-based logins, or CRM integrations such as Salesforce for guest access. Guest logins can be restricted by time and/or bandwidth.

The service facilitates seamless automatic connecting of returning users by automatically recognizing their device, streamlining the Wi-Fi experience for frequent visitors.

Customize the login experience

Wi-Fi page customization enables the creation of a login experience that aligns with your brand identity. Through the use of multiple predefined templates, you can modify texts, images, colors, and add links or videos to convey important messages, promotions, or service information.

The platform supports multiple languages and targeted content based on user demographics, directly improving marketing effectiveness.

Tailored Wi-Fi access

Our solution enables per user configurable bandwidth, time and data limits, offering flexibility to accommodate various user needs while managing network resources efficiently. The capability to control device concurrency allows for precise regulation of the number of devices a user can connect simultaneously.

Optional content filtering and domain blacklisting ensure a safe and appropriate online environment by preventing access to harmful or unwanted websites.

Elevate Your Connectivity!

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