Privacy Policy

Picopoint Solutions respects your privacy. How privacy is related to our services, what Picopoint Solutions has done to secure your privacy and how we protect your personal information can be found on this page.

Our promise

  • We handle your personal information with care. You can count on us to keep your details safe and for us to operate within legal boundaries;
  • We have no insight into your communications. No conversations and no contents of SMS messages, e-mail messages or chats are being monitored. We do not track which websites you visit;
  • We do not sell your data to third-parties;
  • We will inform you about the usage of you personal data and will offer you simple solutions to change your personal data and privacy settings;
  • You decide what happens with your details. We respect your choices regarding privacy.


We offer everyone the possibility to sign out using a MAC address. Afterwards, your MAC address will no longer be counted in future statistics that we report to our customers.

Picopoint Solutions offers its customers the possibility to measure and interact with visitors using WiFi at retailers, shopping malls or other locations. This allows our customers to gain valuable insights in the behaviour of visitors while staying at their venue, which they can use to improve their venue or to engage visitors with interesting proposals. Other relevant use of this information is to optimise and organise the interior of a measured area, or to improve the service and safety at events.

Which personal information is processed?
Every smartphone has WiFi functionality. Thanks to a MAC address every device can connect to a network with a unique identifier. Your device sends out this unique MAC address when looking for – or connecting to a WiFi network. Picopoint Solutions encrypts and anonymises this MAC address after recording it, making it impossible to track it back to the original user and device. We collect non-identifiable data like average age ranges, area of service (how long are visitors willing to travel to a venue) and selected language. E-mail address is required to, if needed, contact visitors, for example with practical information or special offers.

Which data is shared with our customers?
Our customers only have access to aggregated and anonymised data. Things like numbers of visitors, average age, the average duration that people stay in their location or how most people navigate their location. E-mail addresses are used for our customers e-mail campaigns.

I do not want to participate (Opt-out), how do I do this?
To avoid any contact you can simply de-activate your WiFi signal.

You can also opt-out, which will cause all profiles that are connected to your MAC address to be erased from the system. Historical (anonymised) data will be unaffected. You will no longer be counted in future analyses. You may lose access to the service. Ongoing (potentially paid) WiFi access will be terminated. Picopoint Solutions aims to process this request as soon as possible.

Remove me from the system
Your MAC address (mandatory):

Where can I find this information?

  • Android: Settings, About this phone, Status, Wi-Fi MAC address
  • iPhone: Settings, General, About, Wifi-address

For e-mail communication you can opt-out using the unsubscribe link in the bottom of every e-mail. You will no longer be approached via e-mail.
For other questions regarding privacy while using our service you can contact our Privacy Officer Roland Duiker via