Use Cases in Healthcare

Guest Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi Analytics
Visitor Demographics
E-mail Campaigns
Operational Efficiency
Transparent Login
Survey Integration
White Labeling

As a practicing physician in a busy medical clinic, implementing a Guest Wi-Fi solution has markedly improved the patient experience within our facility. Patients appreciate the seamless connectivity provided. The waiting area has transformed into a more comfortable and engaging space, as individuals can now connect their devices to the clinic’s Guest Wi-Fi. This not only alleviates the stress associated with waiting but also allows patients to access relevant health information or simply stay connected with their loved ones during their visit.

Waiting Room

Guest Wi-Fi

Improve patient experience by providing Wi-Fi connectivity. Make waiting times less annoying and connect your patients to their loved ones.

Senior Patient

Patient Analytics & Demographics

Understand patient demographics to tailor healthcare services, improve patient engagement, and enhance overall satisfaction.

E-mail Communication

E-mail Campaigns

Facilitate seamless communication with patients, send appointment reminders, and deliver targeted health information through email campaigns.


Data Security

Ensure the secure transmission of patient-related data, complying with healthcare privacy regulations.

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