Increase patient satisfaction

In healthcare environments there can be a lot of waiting. By using Picopoint’s solutions you can turn these waiting times in to something more positive. Your patients can stay connected with friend, family and even work, with a good and secure connection and without having to worry about their data package. You can also bring your on-premises facilities, such as the restaurant or shops, to your patients attention with relevant offers, driving additional revenues as well.

Patient movements

Picopoint’s Analytic Solutions allows healthcare organisations to better understand crowd movement on their premises. By using heat mapping for instance, you can gain insight in hot spots and with tracking and tracing you can learn how patients move from a to b in your buildings. And for patients who find it hard to get to where they need to be, you can offer way-finding tools on their personal device.

Patient satisfaction surveys

For healthcare organisations it is important to know how their patients experience there services. Picopoint’s solutions can not only help improve the patient satisfaction, it can also help measure it. Encourage your patients to fill in an online satisfaction survey while they are still on your premises. Our ability to recognize patients enables you to select what groups of patients are to be included in your online surveys and which not.

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