People are almost always online and when on a mobile device they are always looking for free guest WiFi. At a lot of venues free WiFi is even taken for granted. So a lot of businesses have invested in offering WiFi as a service or are in the process of doing so.

But what if WiFi can be more than just a service? What if guest WiFi can really enhance your customers’ experience and add value for you as a business? At Picopoint we do exactly that. Picopoint transforms guest WiFi from an expense to a cost effective marketing tool. By offering your customers a seamless and branded WiFi experience at all your locations. And by enriching your customer profiles with on-premises behavioural information and enabling relevant and well-timed marketing and communication.

Branded Guest Access

Provide your customers with guest WiFi at all your locations, further enhancing the customer experience. Picopoint enables you to offer easy accessible, secure, high quality and completely branded WiFi.

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Insight Through Analytics

Enrich your customer profiles with on-premises behavioural information. Knowing who visits your locations and knowing what they do creates new marketing and business insights. Picopoint allows you to collect this information and integrate it with your CRM data. Our WiFi dashboard helps you make optimal use of this valuable intelligence.

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Marketing & Interaction

Engage with your customers like you have never before, with relevant and well-timed communication, bases on customer profiles and on-premises behaviour. Picopoint enables two-way communication over WiFi and with it the development and implementation of mobile marketing campaigns.

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Do you want to get your customers connected, gain more customer insights and have more sales through relevant and well-timed marketing campaigns? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and help you make the most out of your WiFi network.