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Turn your network into a flexible and feature rich WiFi Service that fits all your business requirements

There are many types of WiFi services:

FREE Guest WiFi

State-of-the-art Guest WiFi is a great service to offer your customers, to increase customer
happiness. But why not make it count for your business, by adding a personal touch? We
make it possible to customize your captive portal with logos, visuals and easily manageable
messages to your audience. This will bring your brand to the customer’s smartphone, tablet
or laptop at a very low cost.

Offer a free internet connection through your Guest WiFi service, no strings attached. 
If you want to get additional value from your network, ask for specific marketing data in
exchange for a free WiFi login. Your WiFi service can enrich your existing marketing
platforms though API connections.

Free Guest WiFi as a customer service

A free Guest WiFi service can make your customers stay more enjoyable. They may extend
their visit to your location. The ability to do a quick online check for that product they are
ready to buy could pull them over the line. You could also gain additional exposure on social media, online reviews or simply attract additional visitors to your website.

Branded WiFi page
Your logo, colors and message will be used as a splash page directly on your customers smartphones. Invite them to join your WiFi service and engage in marketing activities using
your own branded style. Manage your style via our online captive portal design wizard.

Collect marketing data
Configure your WiFi service to collect relevant marketing data like e-mail address, newsletter
opt-ins, mobile number, zip code, age and/or gender, , and more. Turn your free WiFi service into
a valuable addition to your marketing efforts. Integrate your existing marketing platform via API

Legally compliant service
Your WiFi service is fully compliant with laws regarding the provisioning of internet access,
liability, abuse, terrorism, calamities, privacy and more. Picopoint Solutions takes immaculate
care for its services to always work according to the latest and strictest local privacy regulations.
We run a tried and tested platform that services millions of users each month.

Paid Guest WiFi

Turn your WiFI service into a profitable product and a valuable addition to your business case.

Charge for internet access

Setup your WiFi service with flexible online passes which can be limited by duration, data
usage or bandwidth. Add your own pricing, and allow users to pay with Credit Card, PayPal,
or use over-the-desk WiFi vouchers including your own fully manageable voucher dashboard,
with tools for distribution, monitoring and support.

Vouchers can be generated per batch. Custom voucher types can be configured so you can decide pricing and time, data, or bandwidth limits. Vouchers codes can be distributed as
physical cards that can be printed and distributed over the desk. You can also distribute
voucher codes digitally via SMS or E-mail.

Paid WiFi examples

Online passes
Online passes can be bought directly on the WiFi page, before a user goes online. User can pay during the login process, with payment methods like credit card or PayPal. Online passes can be sold at your personal rates. You can limit the duration a user can go online, you can also set data and bandwidth limits.

Business WiFi

A secure and stable network is a must for any business.

Safe access for Staff members
Run separated networks for your operations, staff and visitors, to keep your network secure.
Connect to your existing LDAP service to provision user profiles with WiFi access.

Monitor network activity
View all active sessions and you can follow everything that is happening live. Search specific 
sessions based on user parameters to single out particular users that may be causing trouble with high bandwidth activities.

Content filtering
Grab control by managing all users that connect and block or contact them directly if abuse
is at play. Restrict activities that users in your network may engage in. Block domains you will
not allow at all. This is all possible in our Profiles & Sessions dashboard.

Business WiFi features

City WiFi

Offer free Guest WiFi to resident and visitors alike so everyone can be connected to your Smart City.

Free WiFi as a service
A great service to offer for residents and tourists. While they can access to a free internet connection,
you can enhance your technologically advanced city by engaging with people directly on their
smartphone. Promote special events or tourist attractions. At the same time you are turning your city
into a Smart City.

Detect congestion & crowd management
This allows you to see where people are, how long they stay and which way they are moving.
This can be a great tool for city planning. Compare your data and benchmark it using our algorithems 

Transport WiFI

If you are running any operation using vehicles, like public transportation or logistics, you can upgrade
your vehicles with WiFi tracking.

WiFi tracking
Add a special WiFi access point with a 4G/5G sim and you can optionally supply a public WiFi network,
but more importantly it allows you to track the vehicles as it moves. Sending GPS data back to our servers
enables Fleet Management features like vehicle tracking, speed mapping, with both actual and historical
data allowing you to track where your vehicles are now, how fast they are moving, where they have been
or what stalled them along the way.

Crowd density for public transport
For public transportation, for example trains, busses and boats, we can track the vehicle position and
speed, where does it slow, how long does it stand still, we can also detect how crowded a vehicle is along
the trajectory.


Your WiFi, your style. With our WiFi Setup Wizard you can customize many features for your WiFi service
including the look and feel of your WiFi page. Change your logo, add banners and pick the colors that match
your company brand. Alter every detail on the fly and the results will be visible directly on your WiFi page.

Change texts to communicate with your customers in your brand’s prefered language and lingo. Invite them
to join your Guest WiFi network and propose further engagement via newsletter opt-in. Change your images
and message during special holidays or events. Take full advantage of this flexible system that allows you to
connect to users when they are inside your store or venue.

DEVICE Monitoring

Take control of your network by enabling full hardware diagnostics with our Device Monitor dashboard.
This enables you to monitor device performance statistics such as Processor and Memory load, uptime,
and even passive or connected users. You can also monitor coverage and connection strength if you are
supplying WiFi over a 4G or 5G line.

Keep track of device load and capacity and get notified if and when certain thresholds are exceeded.
This allows you to detect any problems that arise quickly so that you can take action.

Detailed graphs displaying historical events are available for you to monitor your hardware over time,
enabling you to spot any anomalies that you might have missed.


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