Gatekeeper – Version Portal 4.3 – 4.4


GATE-558 Multiple overviews / charts cause javascript error due to change of HighCharts.theme2

GATE-553 LBS view client with 5 minute interval update shows wrong totals when viewed per 5 minute interval

GATE-551 LBS data heatmap not correctly shown for single location without GPS

GATE-547 Portal: Users list – show online does not work on multiple pages

GATE-546 Page scrolls to data table when opening filter while when using location manager

GATE-545 Dialogue filter text boxes do not turn dark when using darkmode in Firefox

GATE-534 EE Help links produce 404 or empty pdf

GATE-554 New/edit hotspot – Changing group clears all other entered data



GATE-556 More unique Favicon

GATE-535 GK Portal – UI improvements & fixes IV

GATE-525 Default sorting for various analytics data tables

GATE-524 GK Portal security improvements



GATE-542 Clear name/email on portal user delete