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Gatekeeper – Version Portal 4.2.1


    GATE-526 Missing map label on Analytics -> Realtime

    GATE-523 Move hardcoded texts from Analytics dashboard pages into i18n file

    GATE-518 Location view render error when no tags are set

    GATE-441 Revise or remove color-blind mode

    GATE-60 Analytics Dashboard – Benchmark y-axis should be synchronized



    GATE-532 EE theme needs to be updated for dark mode

    GATE-530 XRC theme needs to be updated for new design

    GATE-529 Ziggo theme needs to be updated for dark mode

    GATE-528 Gatekeeper Dashboard UI Fixes III – Added highcharts menu hover color

    GATE-521 Gatekeeper Dashboard UI Fixes II

    GATE-520 GK Gateway configuration update

    GATE-519 Show created date on active sessions list when ‘Pending’ sessions is visible

    GATE-517 Add PASS type support for “once within period” field

    GATE-515 Users -> Checkbox to only show online users

    GATE-514 Open system dashboard page on ‘Locations’ by default

    GATE-513 Go directly to a Group or WISP view page from location table

    GATE-504 Gatekeeper Dashboard UI Fixes I

    GATE-466 Portal 4 – remove portal selection screen

    GATE-331 Portal: support multiple languages – translate to dutch



    GATE-531 XRC theme needs to be updated for dark mode

    GATE-527 Option to have a dark mode version of a brand logo

    GATE-440 Add Dark mode theme



    GATE-509 Portal 4.2 – refactoring and code cleanup