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Total ROI


Wifi users

When offering customer experience enhancing services like free Guest Wifi, on average 30% of your visitors will onboard to the service. This number can vary depending on your situation and the type of business you operate.


The number can be boosted by generating awareness for the service, for example by deploying visual promotion for the service in a prominent spot on your venue.

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Marketing Consents

During the onboarding process users can be asked (or required) to opt-in to your marketing communications, which can take place via e-mail or SMS.


You can enhance your conversion rate by rewarding your users with loyalty schemes. People will be more likely to leave their personal information. Lastly, you can collect all data directly into your existing marketing platform, and engage your users from there.

Savings on Marketing Consents​
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Social Media Followers

Visitors can connect to you via social media during the onboarding process. Increase your online following and extend your reach. Start trending by enabling and enticing your visitors to interact with your business. Good news travels fast and others will surely take notice. You can save costs by reducing your existing Social Marketing efforts or combine both to empower your social efforts and make waves.

Savings on Social Media promotions
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App installations

Promote your businesses' smartphone apps as while users are connecting with you. Increasing the install-base of your apps can be challenging. You can advertise your Apps directly to visitors that are inside your location right now and while they are using their smartphones. It does not get more relevant.

Savings on App promotions​
All these conversions are valuable to any marketing department. Part of the marketing budget goes into getting as many as possible. This is called Cost per Conversion. Turn your existing network infrastructure into a marketing tool that generates these kinds of conversions at no additional cost. This allows you to straight up save on your marketing budget, or spend it in other areas. Additionally, with our advanced Analytics tools you can analyse any location like you can analyse your website with Google Analytics. You have access to information like demographics (who are visiting us), session information (how long are people visiting us), and even crowd density and movement patterns. This saves you valuable money that would otherwise be spend on expensive research.
Total Savings
Good customer-friendly services, like for example Guest Wifi and loyalty schemes for returning visitors, will  increase customer satisfaction. Happy customers will stay in your venue longer, and may return more often. This increases the potential for them to spend more money on your products and services. This will increase the average revenue per user (ARPU), leading directly to untapped extra business that you did not generate before.
Extra Business
On top of this, the investment costs are usually really low. Compatible network infrastructure may already be in place waiting for you to plug it in and lift it to the next level. Contact us below to find out how you can upgrade your business.

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