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Service providing

While traveling with public transportation, people have time on their hands. Whether it is waiting for departure or during the travel. With Picopoint’s branded guest access you can improve your customer’s traveling experience. Offer them a stable and secure wireless network so that they can stay connected with work, friends or family. Waiting time and travel time becomes time which can be effectively and carefree used. And while they are on your network, you can provide them with accurate and personal travel information, further enhancing the traveling experience.

Increase additional revenues

Picopoint allows you to utilize your WiFi network to make your customers relevant and well-timed offers, driving additional revenues. Whether you want to promote on-board catering, your facilities on the stations or encourage rebooking, it is all possible. You can also explore the possibility of doing targeted joined promotions with partners that have offers matching your customer profiles.

Logistical analytics and track and tracing

Picopoint’s Analytic Solutions enable you to better understand who is using your services and what they are doing while using them. You can enrich your customer profiles, but you can also utilize these insight to further improve you logistics. With solutions such as heat mapping and tracking and tracing you’ll have a better understanding of crowd movement than before.

And much more…

Make your loyalty program even more personal, A brand new touch point in your marketing and communication strategy, Management portal, Marketing dashboard...

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