Picopoint and EnGenius to launch Successful Captive Portal Solution

EnGenius Europe focuses on the continuous development and improvement of its services. Starting today EnGenius  partnered with Picopoint Solutions;
A WiFi service, marketing & commercial driven company, focused on ambitious customers.

Picopoint’s vision and mission is to offer our ambitious customers a new and flexible touch point to generate long term value through on premise WiFi with smart campaign- and analytics tools.

To cover the business market in a cost effective way and to create a significant footprint, the Company announces a strategic partnership with EnGenius Europe.

Our philosophy is to engage the end user in concert with EnGenius Europe to design, specify and install a full end to end omni-channel solution for small and medium sized enterprises.

Our solution is now fully compatible with EnGenius Europe. This allows customers to have a choice taking advantage of the best possible and most commercially viable supply of WiFi network product and technology. Through this partnership with EnGenius Europe, we will build a solution for Guest WiFi access of highest quality in the SME market.

The focus for this solution is to make Guest WiFi access configuration as easy as possible, both Picopoint and EnGenius Europe are convinced that this is done successfully.

Through this partnership, both companies will achieve their objectives. Picopoint’s objective is to capture a significant market share for its value added services, whilst EnGenius Europe objective to capture a significant market share for its hardware products, is achieved in the integrated solution we will provide for our business customers.

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