No Wi-Fi? No problem!

Although WiFi is still the consumers’ preferred standard for a high speed and low cost connection, 4G LTE is gaining popularity for out-of-home internet. Picopoint has over 10 years of experience in offering high quality WiFi services but has now expanded its services to 4G LTE connectivity without the need of WiFi and the accompanied hardware and devices.

Picopoint’s platform is fully capable of managing large quantities of BLE beacons, using the latest Bluetooth technology over various standards. These beacons are a very cost effective way to refine your location services resulting in more relevant offers (based on location) and better heatmaps. The beacons are a great match for in app marketing, supplying the right alerts and content at the right time and place. The devices themselves do not have to be linked to an internet connection and will operate in a standalone environment.

NFC and QR
Even with relatively simply technologies like Quick Recognition (QR) and Near Field Communication (NFC) it is possible to make use of our location based services. Our platform is able to produce QR-codes on the fly and will easily mange the NFC sensors. Scanning the code or sensor will direct a visitor to a customizable mobile webpage where for instance, a promo code or loyalty offer can be delivered. The number of scans and further interactions can of course be analyzed for ROI calculations.

Having a fixed presence on a consumers’ smartphone is a huge step forward to customer-loyalty. That is why we supply a white label brandable app for shopping centers and other venues. The app has several use cases such as customer ratings, wayfinding, automatic WiFi-connected (if applicable), a built-in loyalty program and Augmented Reality. It is also possible to use our SDK to integrate it in your existing app.

Of course we will continue to excel in supplying cutting edge WiFi services, who are a great match with our expanded technologies.