Measure, monitor and keep track of all things that are important to your business

Create, organize and manage your own Internet of Things.

Measuring your business

To run a streamlined operation, there are many things to consider. In order to optimize
business processes, the first step is to know your business inside out.

Now, you have the opportunity to take knowledge to the next level.
Keep tabs on all your business related assets. No matter what kind of business you run,
there are use cases to be found where you can learn valuable information that was not
available to you before. Information is everywhere.

Example use-cases

Train Depot

  • Track and trace wagons while they are in maintenance;
  • Keep track of depot capacity to optimize scheduling;
  • Monitor air quality for TVOC and CO2;
  • Measure noise levels;


Shopping Center

  • Monitor crowd density in different areas;
  • Track commercial assets that are placed around the venue;
  • Measure escalator and elevator usage;
  • Monitor air quality for TVOC and CO2;
  • Measure noise levels;


Holiday Park

  • Measure total power, gas and water usage;
  • Measure cottage temperatures;
  • Measure cottage booked or not;
  • Measure air quality and noise levels at hotspots in your park (Market Dome, Swimming
    Pool, Restaurant, Shopping Plaza);


Your Business…
Contact us and share your ideas on how we can measure your business. Let’s find out all
available possibilities.


Sensor types

Service types

MONITORING your assets

You can use all the information that you gained to optimize and stabilize your operation.

A feature rich Analytics Dashboard will be tailored to your situation. With real time information
you can proactively keep active tabs on your business assets. You can see what is what at a
glance, and take action. 

Use historical data to find out what happened before. Compare data to find out deviations and
anomalies. Custom Smart Alerts will inform you if a measurement if off the chart. You should
be the first to know when something is amiss.

Compare different assets of the same type and learn how to optimize them all. Find out what
works best and streamline your process.

What you get


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