Branded experience

Free, high quality guest access has become more and more important for companies in hospitality. It has become an important criterion on which customers make their buying decision and measure their satisfaction. It allows them to have carefree access to the Internet, for business or leisure purposes. But branded guest access can be much more. Providing your guests with branded guest access at all your locations, can further enhance the customer experience.

Additional services and sales

Branded guest access enables you to offer your guests many additional services in order to improve the customer experience, but can also translate in to additional revenues. Inform your guests about your available facilities, organised events and special on-site offers. For instance, you can generate extra revenues for your restaurant in your resort by making offers for your guests. Offer partners the possibility to target your guests with messages about activities in the vicinity.

Customer review

Reviews are important in general, but even more so for businesses in hospitality. Allow your customers to easily share their experience online during their stay. You can even automatically ask them to post a review on a platform of your desire.

And much more…

Management portal, Marketing dashboard, Enrich customer profiles through analytics, Make relevant and well-timed marketing offers, Offer third-party advertising, Create a loyalty program...

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Do you want to offer your guests branded guest access at all your locations? Do you want the possibility to offer them additional services enhancing the customer experience and generating extra revenues? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and help you to improve on-site communication with your customers.

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