Branded Guest Access

Whether it’s a concert, a sporting event or a business event, it’s all about the experience. Picopoint enables event management organisations to offer their guests a safe, easy accessible and reliable wireless network, completely branded. You will have the opportunity to further integrate on- and offline marketing communication maximizing the customer experience.

Create interaction

Branded guest access makes two-way communication at events possible and manageable. Keep your guests informed on all things relevant. Inform your guest about changes in their event or festival schedule. Directly stream the highlight of a sporting event to their mobiles. Make interactive poles at conventions easier. Ask for direct feedback on parts of the program or the experience as a whole and create a lot of relevant reviews for your event. You can even suggest other parts of the program or even different events based on this feedback!

Analytics and crowd movement

Picopoint’s solutions provide you with valuable insights on-site behavioral information of your guests. You can enrich your customer profiles with this information, making better and more relevant marketing campaigns possible. You can also utilize the on-site behavioral and crowd movement information for process improvement. Picopoint offers solutions such as heat mapping and tracking and proximity analysis which can help create valuable insights.

And much more…

Management portal; Marketing dashboard; Share your customers experience live, Create additional sponsorship opportunities, Relevant and well-timed marketing campaigns increasing spend on-site, Cross-selling opportunities between events...

Get in touch

Do you want to get your customers connected, gain more customer insights and have more sales through relevant and well-timed marketing campaigns? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and help you to improve on-site communication with your customers.

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