Improve customer experience in your venue through digital marketing and loyalty services

You can do this in three easy steps:


Our solutions can connect you to the heart of your customer’s smartphone. Don’t worry, it is very safe and legal: for this to happen the visitor will have to allow you in. And they will if you offer them something in return.


Give them an incentive by providing your visitors with a better customer experience. By offering our digital services, discounts, loyalty rewards and/or exclusive deals your visitors will be very happy. This can be combined to work in harmony with new or existing loyalty programs for even better results.

How to Connect

You can start connecting visitors by means of our digital services. Start by providing one or more entry points in your venue. You can offer (free or premium) Guest Wi-Fi, place Bluetooth Beacons, use an App, place NFC tags and/or QR codes. These are all entry points that allow visitors to join up. In most cases the visitor will be presented with a fully brandable Splash Page. You control the look and feel, so it can seamlessly blend into your style. 

Once your visitors are connected, you can start collecting valuable data. It is possible to ask for specific information (Name, age, gender, birth date, etc) via Web Forms. You can track where in your venue a visitor has been. You can also ask your visitors to opt-in to your marketing campaigns.

Connected Visitor = Analytics Data + Behavioural Patterns + Marketing Record


With the new digital services you are providing your visitors with a better customer experience. You are now collecting data for each visitor that signs up. You both win.

Amongst others you are collecting Analytics Data and Behavioural Patterns. Analytics data can be split in two categories: Statistics and Demographics. Data is collected and stored in our Data Warehouse, where it is stored for up to three years. You can query this data in many different ways and slice it up in particular time-periods. 

We can now answer many questions like:

  • How many visitors did I have?
    • How about this month?
    • How does it compare to last month (or last year)?
    • How long did my visitors stay?
    • How many visitors were new and how many where returning?
  • Who are my visitors?
    • What are the most common age ranges?
    • Are there more Female than Male visitors?
    • Where are my visitors from?
    • What do they have to spend?
    • How do they rate their visit?
  • Where are my visitors?
Aside from statistics and demographics, we have also collected data that tells us where your visitors were and how the moved through your venue. This can be translated to Heatmaps. We can also see the Top Routes that users traveled and we can see their movement patterns.

Analytics to explore


Now you can communicate with your visitors. By default you are allowed to send out service related e-mails. But if your visitors have opted in to your marketing campaigns when they connected, you can also target them with commercial messages. Not everyone will opt-in but many do, even more so if they are rewarded for it.

example: Sign up for our newsletter and get 5% discount on your next purchase!

Engage Campaigns
Setup e-mail campaigns that trigger on specific times and locations or after one of many conditions are met. For example you can reward your visitors with special offers after they have visited your location five times. You can also setup different e-mail campaigns targeted at specific segments of your audience. Choose a template or have one created, and use your own images and promotional texts to get in contact with your visitors.

Target Audiences
Based on information you collected by providing our digital services, you can create target audiences so that certain groups of people can receive content that is specifically aimed at them. At this point you may know their age, gender, zipcode and many more personal details. You can use these details to slice your audience in segments and approach them with relevant content.

Customer Reviews
After they left, you can contact your visitors to ask them to review your location. You can ask things like “Did you have a nice stay?”, “How would you rate our service?” or anything you like. Gather feedback to improve your services and use this to increase customer satisfaction.

How to Engage




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