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Stay in control of your venue’s footfall during Covid-19

Crowd control and social distancing by using existing infrastructure

In the ‘new normal’ of everyday life, social distancing will play a large role. This means that we will have to closely watch the busyness of a building or a venue, so visitors will not crowd up on each other.

As the owner or manager of a location, you are responsible for a sensible form of crowd control. Whether we deal with customers, guests, visitors or a workforce: we will all have to make it fit.

How to implement this smart and quickly?

The solution

There is an easy way to monitor the number of visitors (footfall) to a location, by counting the number of smartphones present via a wireless network (no need to login to the guest WiFi). As most users will carry a smartphone (95%+ estimated), this makes for an excellent measurement tool.

It enables you to monitor the volume of footfall through a user-friendly online dashboard, with the added feature of focusing on specific stories or wings of a building. If needed, mail-alerts can be set when crowds surpass a certain threshold. This allows you to quickly act once the level of visitors would be irresponsible.


Re-use of current equipment

Chances are you will already have a WiFi-network present, regardless of public usage. This network and the current devices such as access points and routers can be used by Picopoint Solutions for digital crowd control, so the existing architecture will have a new and vital use. It is possible to deploy our tool remotely and sometimes a small and simple device needs to be installed (this can be done by the current network manager).


The purpose of the measurement is safety reasons. Still, you will have to notify visitors to your venue that a WiFi scan will be used. But there a is no permanent storage of user profiles, making data anonymous and comparable to traditional infrared counters.


Examples of compatible hardware

Please contact us for other hardware vendors.


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