Picopoint provides WiFi at the AutoRAI

Picopoint provided public WiFi at the AutoRAI in Amsterdam. Autovisie offered free public WiFi at their stand sponsored bij gaspedaal.nl, through Picopoint. WiFi was also provided for regular stand-holders, through the regular RAI WiFi service, also managed by Picopoint Solutions. More→

Wifi2connect finished Bijenkorf roll out

As of today all of the Bijenkorf shops in the Netherlands are equipped with free guest WiFi networks, thanks to Wifi2connect. Bijenkorf sees this as a great value-added service to their customers. The service is integrated with Bijenkorf’s Intershop CRM system, meaning customers can log into the WiFi service using their Bijenkorf account. More→

Motorola WiNG now compatible with Gatekeeper

Motorla WiNG is now supported by our Gatekeeper Portal. Networks based on Motorola WiNG can now be connected seamlessly, so WiNG users can start taking advantage of our many WiFi Services. More→

RET start WiFi tests on subway stations

Public transport company RET starts testing WiFi on subway stations. RET and Picopoint rolled out the first test network at Station Beurs Rotterdam. Travelers can use the free WiFi network at this station from now on. More→

PHC chooses Gatekeeper services

PHC partners with Picopoint Solutions for future WiFi implementations. PHC networks will start using location-based services with the Gatekeeper portal. PHC voorziet in telecommunicatie voor de zakelijke markt. PHC behoort tot de top van telecomadviseurs in Nederland. More→

Wifi2connect services G-Star

Dutch G-Star stores now have Wifi2connect installed. Visitors of these G-Star stores can now access their WiFi service for free.G-Star is happy to provide their customers with free WiFi internet. Wifi2connect is a wireless network solution by XRC Services and Picopoint Solutions. More→