Amsterdam RAI

Carl Ruiter: “To offer the market a top international event location with ‘fit for purpose’ solutions delivering the best possible experience in what is one of the World’s most vibrant cities. Part of the recent upgrades to ensure success was the inclusion of Picopoint and connectivity of all areas to their Gatekeeper technology and thereby allowing guest access throughout this impressive location.“
Case Branded guest access and authentication services for large events.
Objective To offer branded guest access and authentication services for customers to log on to the wireless networks throughout the Amsterdam RAI congress centre. Provision of payment services such as credit card, paypal, ideal and vouchers. Monitoring quality of service, providing the customer with valuable insights.
Result On a yearly bases over 10.000 guest users connect to the RAI network allowing the RAI to keep track of the movement of their customers throughout the event center. Branded guest access is provided to stand owners which allows them to connect and interact with their customers.
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