Insight Through Analytics

Knowing and understanding customers' needs and behaviour is of vital importance.

Picopoint’s Analytics provides you with valuable insights in on-site behavior of your customers. Know who visits your locations, what they do, how long they are there and where they spend most of their time. Picopoint allows you to collect this information and integrate it with your CRM data, enriching your customer profiles as well. Our dashboard helps you make optimal use of this valuable intelligence.

On-site Analytics

Analysis of on-site traffic just like the analysis of your website with Google Analytics.

With our premium solution you will get access to intelligence such us:

  • On-site customer activity such as the number of sessions, number of customers, new customer sign ups and returning customers;
  • Visitor demographics;
  • Login methods;
  • Device information and data usage;

This intelligence is available on business or location level, making comparison between your sites possible.

Picopoint Analytics Dashboard

Our online Analytics Dashboard, company branded if desired, allows easy access to intelligence about your locations and customer behaviour.


Go Deluxe

Our Deluxe service enables you to delve in to the collected data on your own. Get access to the data. You will be able to do anything you like with it. Enrich it, make your own queries and learn everything about your customers' on-site behaviour.

Heat mapping

Picopoint offers advanced ways of analysing customer behaviour on-site. One of these methods is heat mapping. With heat mapping you'll gain insight in:

  • Dwell times: how long do customers stay within an area on average;
  • Hot spots: what areas have many customers detected;
  • Black spots: what areas have almost no customers detected;
  • Amount seen: how many customers in total were detected in this area;

Tracking and proximity

Picopoint also enables you to study your customers path through your site. Tracing your customers' path through your site can yield valuable insight which can be used in process improvement, shelving strategy and marketing campaigns.

Big data and data management

Our ability to recognise your customers and link the collected information with your CRM data allows for customer profile enrichment with on-site behavioural information. This creates a better understanding of customers and their behaviour and can lead to more effective marketing, new revenue opportunities, better customer service, improved operational efficiency, competitive advantages over rival organizations and other business benefits.

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Do you want to gain valuable insights on customer on-site behaviour, enrich your customer profiles and use this intelligence for more relevant and well-timed marketing campaigns? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and help you to improve on-site communication with your customers.

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