Picopoint is proud to serve customers from a wide range of industries, such as retail, events, public transport, hospitality, healthcare. We do this by helping our customers enhance the customer experience, gather valuable insights and enable well-timed and relevant marketing and communication.


Integrate on- and offline marketing

These are challenging times for retailers. The Internet is transforming the way we shop. Online shopping has become common practice and people are almost always online on their smart phones. Retailers are truly in need of a solid omni-channel strategy. Picopoint helps retailers achieve this by transforming in-store wireless networks to an effective and powerful marketing tool. Learn more about in-store behavior and enrich your customer profiles. Integrate on- and offline marketing and engage your customers with relevant and well-timed marketing.

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Enhance the customer experience

For hotels, holiday resorts and restaurants, customer experience is everything. Picopoint believes that offering free, branded guest access enhances the customer experience. Get to know your customers better with our analytics. Make relevant offers and explore cross-selling opportunities. Share information about on-site activities and services with your customers. Maximize the customer experience while increasing repeat bookings, generating additional sales and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Allow your customers to share their experience

Event management organisations are always looking for ways to enhance the customer experience. By offering branded guest access in stadiums, at festivals and at conventions, your customers are able to share their experience with others. By doing so they create a lot of exposure for the event and its participants. They also get access to program guides, performance slots, floor plans and other real-time information that is relevant. Branded guest access offers new opportunities for sponsorships as well as marketing possibilities in order to increase food-, drink-, and merchandising revenues. Furthermore, valuable data can be collected on crowd movement and customer behavior.

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Public Transportation

Create a competitive advantage on alternative transportation

Enhance the experience of using public transportation by offering secure and stable Internet access before and during travels with Picopoint Branded Guest Access. Your customers will able to get some work done or enjoy surfing the Internet. You can provide them with real-time information about travel schedules, connections and delays. Engage your customers with special offers during waiting times on stations increasing revenue from shops and stores. Learn more about your customers with Picopoint’s analytics solutions, making relevant marketing possible.

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Improve patient satisfaction

As a healthcare provider you want the best service for your patients. Picopoint’s solutions can help you with that. By offering Branded guest access patients can utilize waiting times by browsing on the Internet. You are also able to provide your patients with directions on how to find their way in your facilities, let them check in for their appointment or inform them about waiting times. Our analytics give you valuable information about patient behavior and the footfall in your facilities, helping you manage crowd flows. Engage with your patients in two way communication, do a survey or make special offers for your on-premises restaurant, cafe or shop.

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