Branded Guest Access

Your customers are always online, even in your stores, vehicles or at your events. Provide them with high quality guest access at all your locations. Give it the look and feel of your own brand, making it a positive experience for your customer. Picopoint uses proven technology enabling you to offer just that; easy accessible, secure, and completely branded guest access.

Our technology supports many different login methods and an easy one-time login for all your locations. It offers a lot of flexibility in designing your branded login page and comes with our easy to use management portal.

Easy one-time login

Your customers have to log in only once. By logging in via your own branded landing page customers get easy access to your unique content. Once logged in customers can stay logged in. The next time they visit they will automatically connect with your network.

Our systems recognizes your customers at all of your locations, not just at the one location they logged in. This way your customers can enjoy your services at all your locations!

Choose your desired login method

How do you want your customers to login? Customers can login by using an e-mail or SMS login method. You can also use Facebook or a mobile app as a login method. You decide!

Our solution also allows for logging in with a customer loyalty card or customer ID, which makes it easier to integrate your CRM databases. This way you are one step closer to bringing data management to the next level.

Easy management with our online portal

Manage users, sessions and bandwidth usage easily with our cloud-based portal at all your locations!

Create different levels of authorization of employees in your organisation as well for different geographical regions.


Get in touch

Do you want to offer your customers easy and secure and branded access at all your locations, further enhancing the customer experience? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and help you to improve on-site communication with your customers.

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